Cedarmarsh Labrador Retrievers


I breed infrequently, perhaps one to two carefully planned litters a year, breeding for myself first with the goal of producing an outstanding puppy that will go on to be shown in the conformation ring and put into our breeding program. Alot of thought and planning goes into each litter that we breed. All of our breeding stock has the following health clearances; OFA hips, elbow, heart (echocardiogram/color doppler) Optigen, EIC and current yearly eye CERFs. We strive to produce beautiful Labradors that are healthy, have wonderful temperaments and will become fabulous family pets.


Victoria has been bred to "Swagger" Shadowbrook's Light on my feet. A litter of 5 puppies were born on September 9th. For more information please call Sherri at (908) 689-5865
Victoria - OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Heart Echo Normal, EIC Normal, Optigen Carrier, current OFA Eyes Normal 
Swagger - OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal, Heart Echo Normal, EIC Carrier, Optigen Normal by Parentage, current OFA Eyes Normal